You can book a Trial Flight experience and later

Book for yourself or request a voucher for a friend or partner

Take a trial flight and experience the thrill of flight, you will be able to take the controls and see how the aircraft flies. If you prefer we will just go for a local flight to how you like flying. There are three basic options , 30min, 45min or 60min flights. This can be extended if you want to land at another airfield and enjoy a coffee.

There is no need to pay in advance, however we do need to book you in at a time and day to suit you, remember that flying is weather dependant so if on the day its not suitable we can just rebook. you will be able to pay on the day either PayPal, bank transfer, cheque, or cash. We are available seven days a week. We never pressure you to fly if you decide otherwise or want to cut it short. Just want to take a look and chat, no problem we can arrange that.

Group bookings, I am happy to discuss a discount for three or more booking provided they are all on the same day. All flights start with a full briefing and safety instructions, groups will be briefed together with a detail of flight principles.

Safety, fully trained and approved by the CAA and BMAA. Over 5000 hours experience on microlights, gliders and light aircraft, you are in safe hands. The aircraft is insured with hull and third party cover.

  • 30min flight £75.00

  • 40min flight £95.00

  • 60min flight £140.00

Email or call me details are listed below.

Light Sport Flying School

Contact Us

The best way to make contact with me is by email or text/phone. You could just call into the airfield but we're not always there, so it's best by appointment.

My mobile number is 07746 373637


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