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Galaxy Recovery System (GRS) Information

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I hope that I will answer most of your questions regarding the Galaxy GRS recovery systems here, but please contact me if you need more information. I am happy to chat on the phone, by email, or if you prefer a face to face visit. We can supply GRS equipment for Microlights, LSA's, UAV's and Drones

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From 1st January 2022 new Customs rules apply. As normal there is no clear guidance on how this affects us, the HMRC web site is unhelpful. Please bear with us while we try to understand how this will affect our supplies.


In the event of an incident or a situation where your system may become unstable we aim to help you. In the first instance you should secure the area around the aircraft by at least a 10 metre exclusion zone. If possible locate where the rocket break out panel is positioned, (this should be marked by a yellow and black striped decal) Always ensure you have the safety pin installed in both the release handle and the rocket housing when working on or around the system.

You can make contact by phone or email and explain the situation, we may be able to offer help without attending, however If you need us to come to site and take action fees will be incurred.

Steve Pike 07746 373637


There is a six year repack and rocket replacement required, to see when your system needs a service look at the label on the parachute. This will show in the bottom right corner what the system expiry date is, the system should not be used after this date. You may also find that your permit will become invalid.

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