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Galaxy Recovery System (GRS) Information

Ballistic aircraft recover systems

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L.S.F.S are the UK agents for Galaxy GRS. We became the agents for Galaxy in 2018 since then we have serviced and supplied new more than sixty systems.

GRS systemare available as a soft pack (know as an IN system) or in a container (OUT System), the soft pack is made up of a parachute packed inside a fabric bag, this is tightly packed to ensure as smaller unit as possible. The rocket can either be attached to the bag or as a separate unit. In both cases there are joined by wires cables between them. The soft bag is available in several shapes and all will have attachment loops fitted for securing to the aircraft. The rocket has a base with four fixing holes. The soft system is normally fitted inside and aircraft structure where it will remain dry.


The container type is cylindrical in shape and can be fitted externally, it has the same parachute and rocket but all housed inside the container.

Strops will also be required depending the aircraft type.

Please contact me for more information on types and fixings, there are many options suitable for all aircraft and drones. Galaxy brochure available click on the PDF link.

Soft Pack type (IN type)

Container (OUT type)

Servicing and Repack

A Parachute repack and overhaul of the Rocket is required every six years. This is to ensure reliability, it is also an aircraft Permit requirement that the system is maintained. The process is fairly straight forward, you can remove the GRS yourself if a permit aircraft or if you prefer I can do that for you, either at your location or you fly to my strip near Bicester Pear Tree Farm. 

The process: Check the expiry date, there will be a placard on the parachute. 

Please don't leave until after the expiry date. Once I have the system I will

decommission the Rocket and remove all explosives. The parachute will be

sent to Galaxy with the disarmed rocket housing. The parachute is unpacked

by Galaxy and inspected, then repacked with special equipment (this can only

be done by Galaxy). The rocket housing will be reused and loaded with new igniters and rocket fuel.

Once complete the live system will be returned to the UK by a special shipping agent, we will take care of all customs requirements.

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