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My History in Aviation

Over 45 years in the aviation business

I started in aviation in 1976 flying model aircraft and hang gliders, I was self taught on the early weight shift microlights and then converting to 3 axis Thruster flying at Popham airfield, gaining my first PPL (M) licence. Since then I have flown many types also adding the NPPL SSEA and LAPL licence, flying light aircraft, I have also flown gliders. In 2000 I built one of the first new 450kg microlights a Jabiru which gave many years of service. I took an Instructor course at Airborne Aviation Popham with Mac Smith and flew with them for several years as an AFI, FI & Examiner. I finally set up my own school at Wycombe Air Park Booker, teaching and passing more than 100 students. During my time at Wycombe I took on the Evektor dealership building the Eurostar's and as well building and fitting all the avionics I had the position as Test Pilot. Now in my 60's I have retired from instructing but remain passionate about aviation.

Wings on.png
Evektor dealership CAA A8-1 approval

We set up Light Sport Aviation Ltd (LSA) at Wycombe Air Park in March 2013. We had the UK dealership for Evektor Aerotecknik a Czech Eurostar and Sportstar company. We Introduced many unique new features to the UK microlight market. A Galaxy GRS recovery system, Glass EFIS cockpit, Autopilot and a fully painted fuselage in any colour. LSA gained full CAA A8-1 approval as a manufacturer of aircraft.


As well as the electrical engineer for the company I was also the chief Test Pilot.

We built over 25 aircraft and supplied many spares and repairs during our time. The company was successfully sold in 2017 and continues today.

Twenty one years as a flying instructor

Microlight instructor and examiner, initially as an AFI at Popham airfield for Airboune Aviation, I eventually started my own school at Wycombe Air Park Booker. Working alongside British Airways Flying Club we built up a large and successful microlight school. Using the Eurostar as our training aircraft.

In spring 2021 I retired from instructing to concentrate on the GRS systems and maintenance of aircraft. I also plan to start doing more flight touring once again.

LSFS Club fly-out to Gibraltar 

20 at Gib.JPG

One of our LSFS club flyouts, to Gib, A great trip taking 17days in total, the flight took us through France Northern Spain and Portugal and then to Gib. The return was through Spain but we had to return to Portugal first as the Spanish did not allow flights from Gib to Spain.

This is just one of many flyouts, others include Scotland, Channel Islands, and Europe.

Club Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunch with the LSFS club members at The RAF club in London's Mayfair. We have held many lunches over the years at a number of different locations, none much better than the RAF club.


Even though the school and club have gone many of the students, pilots and friends still get together each year and a good social gathering.

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