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A few of the aircraft I have owned over the years, starting with Hangliding...

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Over 45 years in the aviation business

I started in aviation in 1976 flying model aircraft and hang gliders, I was self taught on the early weight shift microlights and then converting to 3 axis Thruster flying at Popham airfield, gaining my first PPL (M) licence. Since then I have flown many types also adding the NPPL SSEA and LAPL licence, flying light aircraft, I have also flown gliders. In 2000 I built one of the first new 450kg microlights a Jabiru which gave many years of service. I took an Instructor course at Airborne Aviation Popham with Mac Smith and flew with them for several years as an AFI, FI & Examiner. I finally set up my own school at Wycombe Air Park Booker, teaching and passing more than 100 students. During my time at Wycombe I took on the Evektor dealership building the Eurostars and as well building and fitting all the avionics I had the position as Test Pilot. Now in my 60's I have retired from instructing but remain passionate about aviation.

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Image 1-8803 G- tf EV97 Eurostar SL Booker 21-05-2015.jpg
Evektor dealership CAA A8-1 approval

We set up Light Sport Aviation Ltd (LSA) at Wycombe Air Park in March 2013. We had the UK dealership for Evektor Aerotecknik a Czech Eurostar and Sportstar company. We Introduced many unique new features to the UK microlight market. A Galaxy GRS recovery system, Glass EFIS cockpit, Autopilot and a fully painted fuselage in any colour. LSA gained full CAA A8-1 approval as a manufacturer of aircraft.


As well as the electrical engineer for the company I was also the chief Test Pilot.

We built over 25 aircraft and supplied many spares and repairs during our time. We sold the company in 2017 to a private buyer but it is now run by Airmasters.

Twenty one years as a flying instructor

Microlight instructor and examiner, initially as an AFI at Popham airfield for Airboune Aviation, I eventually started my own school at Wycombe Air Park Booker. Working alongside British Airways Flying Club we built up a large and successful microlight school. Using the Eurostars as our  main training aircraft.

In spring 2021 I retired from instructing to concentrate on the GRS systems and maintenance of aircraft. I also plan to start doing more flight touring once again.

And in later years...

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Image 1-8387 EV-97 Eurostar SL G-GLSA Bo

New aircraft pending.

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