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Galaxy GRS Rescue Systems

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Galaxy GRS Rescue Systems

There are many types of aircraft and Galaxy GRS systems to match. 'IN' systems are classed as soft types, normally in a fabric bag fitted inside the aircraft away from moisture and contamination. 'OUT' systems are for aircraft where this is not possible, like Trikes and Giros. 

We can supply new systems for most types of aircraft, you may need to check with your manufacturer that it is suitable for a recovery system.

Galaxy are located in the Czech Republic, L.S.F.S have been their UK agents since 2018 and have supplied and serviced many systems. We have arrangments to ship systems which are classed as dangerous goods.


Your existing system requires a repack every six years, this will involve removal from your aircraft and transporting to our workshop, where we will decommisson the rocket and send it to Galaxy. It will then undergo a full parachute inspection and recharge of the rocket

In an Emergency please contact Steve Pike 07746 373637 or email

Keeping you flying and safe

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BMAA Inspector

I gained my BMAA inspector ticket in 2023. I have many hours of experience working on various aircraft. The first aircraft I built was a Mainair Triflyer, followed by a Rans S6 and then a Jabiru. I have also owned a CT and a Thruster. I was a director at Light Sport Aviation, also the test pilot and avionics engineer. We built and sold 28 aircraft.

My current Inspector rating is for Metal aircraft and Tube and Fabric types. (No composites at the moment). I'm based on the Isle of Wight.

Call me for Permit Renewals and Inspections.

Steve Pike

07746 373637

S.S.D.R Aircraft

Simple Single Deregulated

Essentially, a single-seat Microlight aeroplane must:

  • Be an aeroplane. This includes powered parachutes and self-launching motor gliders, but does not include gliders (including self-sustaining gliders), rotary-wing aircraft (helicopters and gyroplanes), or lighter-than-air machines (balloons and airships).

  • Only have a single-seat, and must only be flown with one person (the pilot).

  • Not take-off weighing more than the single-seat Microlight weight limit. This is 300 kg for a landplane, 315 kg for a landplane with an airframe mounted total recovery parachute system, and 330 kg for a seaplane or amphibian.

  • Have a stall speed (or minimum flying speed) not exceeding 35 knots calibrated airspeed. This is equivalent to 40 mph or 65 kph.

LSFS are the UK agents for AVI Aicraft based in Romania. please click on the link below for their website. Or contact Steve for more information.

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The Aircraft

There are two aircraft types, the Swan and the Dracular.

The Swan, shown far left ,is a high wing single seat aircraft, using vacuum formed and thermally treated parts from carbon fibre / glass fibre with epoxy resin.

The Swan has easy wing fold and can be transported in a trailer (see AVI website)

The Dracular, shown near left , has a simular construction but is low wing. This also has a simple wing fold system for transportation.

Fitted with either the POLINI THOR 303 Engine: 2 stroke, 38 HP, 8000 RPM, liquid cooled, dual spark, helicoidal teeth in oil bath with 1 : 3.2 reduction ratio, counterbalanced shaft to reduce vibration, electric starter, centrifugal clutch.


In addition the Dracular can be electric powered.



I have many years in the aviation business, especially in the Microlight world which has brought much experience as a flight instructor and examiner plus as a CAA approved A8-1 Manufacturer for the famous Eurostar Aircraft.

We now offer...

  • BMAA Aircraft Inspections & Permit Revalidations

  • Galaxy GRS Recovery Systems (UK Agent)

  • SSDR aircraft (AVI UK Agents)

  • Aircraft Servicing

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