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Galaxy GRS Equipment

  • Supply of Galaxy Parachute Recovery Systems

  • Six year Servicing & overhaul of Galaxy Parachute & Rocket.

  • Emergency cover.

  • Help & Advise

Other Services

  • Routine Service of Rotax 912 engines

  • Routine Service of 3 axis microlights

  • Avionics and Electrical

  • Minor repairs



Over thirty years of experience in the aviation business

Aircraft Ballistic Recovery Systems

Many aircraft these days are fitted with ballistic recovery systems. LSFS is the UK agent dealer for the Galaxy Recovery Systems. We can supply and service any of the Galaxy systems fitted to aircraft, drones or UAVs.

What is GRS

GRS stands for Galaxy Rescue Systems. A parachute fitted to an aerial vehicle designed to be deployed in event of an emergency situation, this will bring the aircraft down safely including any passengers on board.

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