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Light Sport Flying Services
Steve Pike

What I can offer...

UK agent for the Galaxy Ballistic Recovery Systems. (GRS) Suppler of new systems, Repairs and six year repack service. GRS Page

Servicing: Eurostar aircraft repairs and Rotax engines. About Page

Aircraft sales: Sub 70kg and SSDR aircraft, Sub 70 does not require a PPL licence. The  SSDR (Single Seat De-regulated) will require an NPPL Microlight or above. please go to the aircraft page for more. Aircraft Sales

Image 1-8813 G- CIRB EV97 Eurostar SL Booker 21-05-2015.jpg

Service & Maintenance

As well as the UK agents for the Galaxy GRS Ballistic rescue systems offering servicing and new installations, I can also offer routine servicing of your aircraft and Rotax 912 UL / ULS engines.

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Air Experience Flight

Not flown before? Afraid of flying? or just like to have a flight around the  local area and view the beautiful countryside we have. I can help with that, go to the contact page and message me or call we can arrange something..


Help with exams

As a retired instructor examiner I can offer ground school to help you with all of the ground exams, Air Law, Navigation, Met, HPL, and A/C Tech. In preparation for your exams.

I can also offer ground school for your Radio Telephony licence.

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