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Well it should be, but our illustrious government has put paid to that for yet another lockdown until 2nd December.

Just a dream? Not any more, you can learn to fly and fulfil that dream. From the age of 14 to no upper limit provided you can stay in good health. Medicals are self-declaration, a simple CAA on-line form can be completed and you are up and away. Please be aware that we have weight limits, we are unable to fly anyone over 95kgs/15 stone.
The minimum time to licence is twenty five hours (this is a minimum time, be prepared for it to take a little longer) our goal is to make you a safe pilot. The syllabus is well structured taking you from an initial flight experience through to more advanced flying like stalling, practicing engine failures to cross country navigation.
Written exams! yes there are some exams to take along the way, nothing to worry about here we can help with ground school and providing learning materials, it is expected that you will take your first exam before flying solo, this is Air Law, later on you can take other exams , these are Meteorology, Aircraft technical, Navigation, and Human performance & limitation. All exams are multi choice papers which can be taken in house with immediate results. One final thing is Radio Telephony, using the radio to communicate with airfields and other pilots is essential these days, from the start of your flying you will be shown how to use the radio and the correct phraseology. 
All good fun, my advice, take your time and enjoy the experience, it may all look or sound a bit daunting but let me assure you its all fairly straight forward.
From early on we will take a few trips out during the training, maybe a trip to a local airfield for lunch even a trip to the Isle of Wight. The world gets a little smaller when you fly.
Thruster T600N Sprint
Thruster T600N Sprint, Cockpit

Flying the Thruster T600N, this is a two seat side by side microlight, powered by a Jabiru 4 stroke engine giving a climb rate of around 1000 feet per minute. The dual controls allow good safe training, a very practical aircraft to start your flying on. The cost per one hour lesson is just £140 based on engine start to shut down.

The aircraft is fitted with some of the latest avionics, a communications radio and transponder, engine instruments and of course a GPS, however we will be teaching use of navigation using a standard magnetic compass.

Comfort and endurance, the aircraft has a 50ltr tank and can run on Avgas or standard motor fuel, this allow an endurance of nearly four hours. The seats are basic but comfortable so long flights are possible.

There are two types of microlight, three axis or weight shift, the type we use the Thruster is a three axis type. this means that controls are like a standard aircraft allowing Pitch, Roll & Yaw.

About Me, I have been flying from my teenage years, starting with model aircraft and the hang gliding. Microlights in the early 80's were basic, mostly derived from converted hang gliders. Today our aircraft are very safe and regulated. Under the umbrella of the Civil Aviation Authority CAA there are two organisations, the British Microlight Aircraft Association BMAA and the Light Aircraft Association LAA. Our aircraft comes under BMAA who after several checks each year issue a permit to fly. As an instructor for twenty years I have successfully trained many students to licence, many of which are still flying today. As an examiner I can conduct exams and flight tests. I have also flown many types including light aircraft and have accrued over 5000 hours of flight time.

In 2013 I took on the Evektor dealership with a partner, to build the EV-97 Eurostar SL aircraft. We were approved as a UK manufacturer and I was the company test pilot. We built 29 aircraft during our time in the dealership before selling the business. Today in addition to instructing I am the dealer for Galaxy Aircraft Recovery systems, a parachute for aircraft and occupants.

Hope to see you soon Steve Pike CFI


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